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‘Satirical’ Video Game Allows Players To Murder Minorities As Hitler, Trump

A petition is calling for the removal of a video game, where gamers play as figures such as Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and President Trump — and has them kill minorities.

“Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day” was released online in January. A petition has received about 3,000 of the 5,000 signatures it’s asking for.

The premise of the game, according to its website, is to choose an avatar — Jesus Christ, Hitler, Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and now the grim reaper, among others — and murder members of the LGBTQ+ community, feminists, black people, Jews, Hispanics and Muslims. Screen grabs on the website show Trump and Putin throwing a transgender woman from a rooftop and Putin beating a woman with a feminist sign.

The game is described on its website as a satire.

“Please note that JSB: JD is a satirical P-A-R-O-D-Y satirizing modern political culture as a whole and in it’s entirety,” the homepage reads. “There have been many ‘fake news’ stories surrounding Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day in the past – all without merit or credit and based completely off of fake news and ‘internet memes.’”

The website hosts a chat function to talk about Jesus Strikes Back and well as other topics, such as the recent mass murder at two mosques in New Zealand. “A New Zealand gamer rose up today,” opined one participant in the chatroom, whose avatar was an “alt-right”-sanctioned combination of President Trump and Pepe the Frog. “…Toon soon?”

There is also a thread insisting that gamers are the most oppressed minority.

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Video Game Has Players Murder Minorities As Hitler

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‘Satirical’ Video Game Allows Players To Murder Minorities As Hitler, Trump

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