Send Us Your Brisket Photos And Stories!

Hello Fellow Brisketeers!

This year, we are celebrating the traditional Passover brisket in a new way.


Brisket Aftermath.

It’s all about you! Send us a picture of your dining table, after dinner. What does your brisket platter look like? Is there anything left? Was the brisket the first thing to go? (Let’s be honest. People like the holiday honey chicken with fruit, but they can never get enough brisket.)

Your photo can capture the meal and the moment. And to give it a context, scribble down anything brisketful you’d like to share with us: What kind of brisket did you cook? Whose recipe? Do you make the same recipe year after year? What — if any — family history comes with it? Any tips on making the best brisket ever? Who was at your Seder? What compliments did you get on your brisket?

Finally, don’t worry if your Brisket Aftermath picture isn’t pretty. Let’s face it. A braised brisket — while fabulous is every other way — will never be a looker.

To start you off, here’s a picture of the brisket platter from a friend’s Spring dinner in Vermont. Whose brisket was happily demolished? It turns out that the recipe was Nach Waxman’s from “The Brisket Book.”

Thanks for sharing with us. (To do so, click here.) And Happy Passover!

Stephanie Pierson is the author of “The Brisket Book: A Love Story With Recipes” (Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2011). Find her on Twitter, @TheBrisketBook

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Send Us Your Brisket Photos And Stories!

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