The 9 Most Outrageous Bar Mitzvah Cakes

Nothing is more emblematic of a party’s theme than its cake. At some bar and bat mitzvahs, they outdo even the most extravagant wedding cake with over-the-top embellishments. The awesome, outrageous bar mitzvah cakes we found on Pinterest exemplify the creativity, theatricality and attention to minute detail that goes into them. Whether you’re planning a bar/bat mitzvah or just want to be amazed, feast your eyes on the incredible cakes below.

Got a sweet-tooth? This insane tower (right) made of thousands of packaged chocolates and other candy is the ultimate ode to sweets.

For the spiritual youngster with a love for the Holy Land, an intricately carved kotel (left) takes the cake (literally).

Football fans will cheer over this three-tier cake, with details like yard lines spread across a first-tier football field, an NFL shield with the bar mitzvah boy’s initials replacing the National Football League’s. And of course, the whole thing is topped with a frosted football.

If you’re a serious sports aficionado, for whom every sport makes your eyes sparkle and your hands and feet twitch, a four-tier cake (left) representing nearly every sport is just the ticket. Each tier is a ball: baseball, football, soccer ball and basketball.

Have a love for your hometown? Do a city-themed cake. Here (right), the celebrant chose to honor Philadelphia with a fondant Philly cheesesteak, Phillies baseball team logo and the city’s “Love” sculpture.

While on the ever-popular sports theme, this bar/bat mitavah kid is a Knicks fan (right) and got a cake with the team’s colors, symbol, a “hoop” tier supporting the top tier which is, of course, a basketball.

The blinged-out, stylish pre-teen in your life will love this rhinestone- and pearl-encrusted Torah cake (left). Details include tufted sides and scallop-edged Torah scroll.

Is your kid the next Drake? If so, look no further than this street jam-inspired cake (left), with breakdancers, beats headphones, a boombox and a flat-billed cap, along with a fat chain necklace complete with star of David and chai.

Bar mitzvah guests can help defend the galaxy against the dark force with this Star Wars (right) cake. Against a star-studded backdrop, the Deathstar (Darth Vader’s ship) ominously stands on top, ready to attack Luke Skywalker and Yoda below. The cake even has red and blue lightsabers.

Michelle Honig is the food intern of the Forward. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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The 9 Most Outrageous Bar Mitzvah Cakes

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