7 Mexican-Food-Inspired Instagram Bagels For Cinco De Mayo

Although it is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico (it commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France during the 19th-century Franco-Mexican War), Cinco de Mayo has morphed into a huge celebration in the United States, where everyone celebrates Mexican culture in all its delicious glory by eating Mexican food.

Mexicans love food (we can relate). So what better way to celebrate this holiday than with the most recognizably Jewish food item, the bagel, given a Mexican twist. Get inspired by these photos of Mexican bagels on Instagram, from taco to huevos rancheros bagels.

Forget shmear: this spicy bagel uses chicken for a more tangy bite.

The taco bagel. Because tacos are perhaps the best Mexican import of all time (besides avocados. See below.)

Avocados, despite being responsible for the most basic of basic sandwiches, is creamy, delicious, and all-around perfect. Thanks Mexico!

Cheese and jalapeños go together like peanut butter and jelly. And crispy cheese just makes everything better.

On the subject of cheese and jalapeño, here’s a whole tray of that perfect combination of deliciousness.

These huevos rancheros inspired bagels, with fried egg smothered in molten cheese, is a trifecta of breakfast perfection.

Hot sauce and jalapeños equals extra spicy. Think you can handle all that heat? Then this Mexican bagel is perfect for you.

Michelle Honig is the food intern of the Forward. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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7 Mexican-Food-Inspired Instagram Bagels For Cinco De Mayo

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