10 Outrageously Decadent Cheesecakes For Shavuot

Get a load of the most outrageously beautiful and tempting cheesecakes we found on Instagram. Whether you decide to bake or buy, consider embellishing your standard cake, inspired by these colorful and creative ideas.

Unicorns have been having a moment in the popular consciousness, but galaxy-inspired food (see above) has become a beloved, enduring trend. Is it the moody swirls? Is it the sparkly candied stars that adorn its sides? Either way, try it with cheesecake — it’s out of this world.

You know what else is trendy? Matcha lattes are all the rage these days. Be a trendsetter and mix some of that emerald powder into your cream cheese mixture for some matcha cheesecake.

Oh cookie dough, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. If there were ever a food item that was objectively delicious, it would be cookie dough. Putting cookie dough into cheesecake? Well, that’s some genius-level foodie witchery.

Cheesecake and Oreos go together like peanut butter and jelly and the combo almost tastes like the beloved cookies and cream ice cream flavor. Top with some strawberries and you can pretend it’s “guilt-free.”

Shavuot is all about accepting the Torah. (You know, the one that bans Jews from eating pig.) But if you’re all about walking on the wild side of life, top off your cheesecake with some maple-glazed bacon for a sacrilegious edge to your holiday.

Cakes in a jar are popular simply because they’re super easy and super adorable. It’s like trifle, but with cake, so obviously it’s infinitely better. And obviously it should be tried with cheesecake.

Popcorn on cheesecake? Don’t judge us. It’s fabulous, especially when you top it with ice cream.

Salty-plus-sweet desserts are generally delicious because they hit every part of your tastebuds. In that vein, try this chocolate-pretzel-caramel cheesecake.

Do rainbows make you happy? Of course they do. You should probably consider buying some food coloring to add to your cheesecake to make all your childhood rainbow dreams come true.

Twix cheesecake. Yes, this product exists. And yes, you should buy it because it’s a freaking TWIX CHEESECAKE. Need we say more?

Michelle Honig is the food intern of the Forward. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Updated on May 14, 2018.

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10 Outrageously Decadent Cheesecakes For Shavuot

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