This NYC Bakery Is Now Selling Cake Wrapped In An Etgar Keret Story

Etgar Keret’s new short story might receive some unusual reviews: “Moist!” “Luscious!” ”Crumbly!”

That’s because the acclaimed Israeli author has lent his name to a new cake line at Breads, the Israeli bakery with locations across New York.

The Keret cake, “a moist crumble cake with a hint of olive oil”, according to a press release, will come wrapped in a fresh story that Keret wrote exclusively for Breads. The story apparently revolves around a young person, rather than a baked good. It’s on sale, along with the Keret cake, starting today.

According to a press release, Breads owner Gadi Peleg was “inspired by the story ‘Crumb Cake’ in ‘Fly Already’, Keret’s award-winning 2018 collection.

Keret jumped on the idea. “As a guy who thinks that stories should be out there on napkins, curtains and matchboxes, I was really happy to write a story which will wrap the Keret cake in Breads Bakery in New York,” Keret told the Forward through a publicist. “The cake looks real awesome but I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until my May visit to NYC to actually taste it.”

According to Peleg, Keret stopped into Breads’ Union Square flagship during a book tour last fall to taste cake samples and choose flavors that would characterize the final product.

“We are honored to collaborate with Etgar on the Keret Cake,” Peleg said. “We love his work and are still amazed that he wrote a story for Breads Bakery and for this partnership. I see this is a small step forward for publishing. In the same way that graffiti artists moved art from museum walls to all walls and in the same way that rap artists moved music from concert halls to the streets, we hope to move publishing from books and tablets, to anywhere words are printed.”

Priced at $18, the Keret cake will be sold at Breads’ Union Square and Lincoln Center locations.

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This NYC Bakery Is Now Selling Cake Wrapped In An Etgar Keret Story

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