Welcome to the Forward’s coverage of the robust lives of American Jews. Here there’s a little of everything about the multifaceted world of Jewish life. There are light-hearted Jewish celebrity stories and shocking Jewish celebrity news. Food is also plentiful, from Israeli cuisine to New York City bagels. All stories pertain to the American Jewish lifestyle, with many takes on Jewish life and the Jewish experience.

Blewish,’ ‘Jew-ish’ and ‘Jew-theran’: interfaith families group renames itself

“We often talk about these people as if they were one monolithic group and they’re just not.”


WATCH: How to prepare Romanian eggplant spread

Also known as the “poor man’s caviar”, it makes a great spread on challah.

What do you do when you’re harassed for being Jewish on the street?

‘You Jews,’ a stranger spat at my little boy. Now what do we do?

What to bring to a shiva call

It can be daunting to make a shiva call, or visit a family in mourning. But the most helpful thing you can do is bring an edible and comforting gift.


Solomonov’s ‘Laser Wolf’ Restaurant Opens In Philadelphia

It’s a good year for lovers of Israeli salatim.

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