Welcome to the Forward’s coverage of the robust lives of American Jews. Here there’s a little of everything about the multifaceted world of Jewish life. There are light-hearted Jewish celebrity stories and shocking Jewish celebrity news. Food is also plentiful, from Israeli cuisine to New York City bagels. All stories pertain to the American Jewish lifestyle, with many takes on Jewish life and the Jewish experience.

Behind The Scenes At Toronto’s Glitziest — And Very Jewish — Steakhouse

“People are eating less meat at home, but when they go out, they want the experience of treating themselves to the best meat they can find.”


Letter from Berkeley: A Bagel That Tastes Like Home is Worth Waiting For

There were more than 50 people waiting outside in the cold before the much-anticipated opening of Boichik Bagels on Friday. They had started lining up by 6:30 a.m., though the doors didn’t actually open until 7:50 a.m. Before the brand-new store sold out of its planned 2,000 bagels by 1 p.m., some customers had waited more than two hours.

The Schmooze

Instagram Influencer Elizabeth Sutton Talks Judaism, Divorce And Art

After her divorce, Sutton took her art into consumer product.

From Microcassettes to Smartphone Apps, the Act of Family Storytelling is Healthy

In a very cluttered corner of my very cluttered bedroom is a small silver metallic gift bag, the kind typically stuffed with kids’ crappy party favors or freebies from a new salon. But this bag holds a sacred bit of myself, my history, in the form of 10 tiny cassettes and an obsolete recording device I hope can still play them.

There Are Five Kinds Of Jewish Grandparents. Which One Are You?

Are you ‘wistful’ or ‘joyful’?

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