Welcome to the Forward’s coverage of the robust lives of American Jews. Here there’s a little of everything about the multifaceted world of Jewish life. There are light-hearted Jewish celebrity stories and shocking Jewish celebrity news. Food is also plentiful, from Israeli cuisine to New York City bagels. All stories pertain to the American Jewish lifestyle, with many takes on Jewish life and the Jewish experience.
The Schmooze

Meet The Israeli Performance Artist Critiquing Americans’ Obsession With Money

He chained himself to a cash-filled briefcase labeled “DEBT” at a college graduation.


It’s official: Expert says best bagel is whatever you grew up with

Since that glorious day in history, when a Krakow baker boiled that first rope of dough, our people have argued about what makes the perfect bagel.

For National Bagel Day, Forward staffers share their favorite spots

Bagels: we wait on line for them, we spend entire Sundays enjoying them, we eat them on the subway in our darkest hours.

The Schmooze

Where’s Waldo? A striped t-shirt becomes an American Jewish sensation

“I think people always need that moment of humor.”


When will Jewish delis pivot to sustainable lox?

“It’s hard because of the nostalgia around the traditional ways of doing things.”

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