Welcome to the Forward’s coverage of the robust lives of American Jews. Here there’s a little of everything about the multifaceted world of Jewish life. There are light-hearted Jewish celebrity stories and shocking Jewish celebrity news. Food is also plentiful, from Israeli cuisine to New York City bagels. All stories pertain to the American Jewish lifestyle, with many takes on Jewish life and the Jewish experience.

Was I wrong to offer my new employee time off for the Jewish holiday?

I’m not Jewish, and it turns out, she might not be either. Did I jump to conclusions?


These days David Hertz is a world leader in turning food into social change. He had to reconcile his Jewish identity first.

In both the kitchen and in life, chef David Hertz merges the Israeli kibbutz and the Brazillian Favela.

I told my dad I’m not a zionist. Now my mom wants me to apologize.

A kid and dad clash over hugely different understandings of Israel; how can they reconcile?


In ‘Gazoz,’ Israeli soda sparkles to life

Gazoz are bubbly, fruit-filled non-alcoholic sodas


Imani Jackson’s Chicken ‘n Rice Bake

My mother’s Chicken ‘n Rice Bake was her way of making something BOMB out of nothing.

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