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Saffron Chicken Biryani

This dish is filled with spices, warm, caramelized onions and fresh herbs. It is more warm and flavorful than hot, if you prefer heat then add a few fresh red chilis when you add the water or serve with Kashmiri hot sauce. It is easily made without an Instant Pot just plan for a longer cook time. This recipe owes a debt to Archana Muhnde and her incredible work at the Ministry of Curry.


Saffron chicken biryani for inauguration Shabbat

#tweetyourshabbat is a global movement founded by Carly Pildis, celebrating the struggle and joy of getting Shabbat on the table every week. This is a place for real dinners and real conversations about Jewish life. Join us at Forward in sharing what you’ll be eating and how your feeling this week at #TweetYourShabbat

The Schmooze

How did this famous Hasidic mantra end up on Kim Kardashian’s instagram?

Kardashian was showing off an amulet inspired (maybe, sort of, tangentially) by Jewish tradition.


The chef who blends kosher and soul talks Juneteenth, food as a form of resistance

“There are very few ways we can know the people who fed into our gene pool. But when we eat the same food, there’s this sense of continuity.”

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