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For Shabbat, have some chicken pot pie with your pre-election anxiety

#tweetyourshabbat is a global movement founded by Carly Pildis, celebrating the struggle and joy of getting Shabbat on the table every week. This is a place for real dinners and real conversations about Jewish life. Join us at forwarding in sharing what you’ll be eating and how your feeling this week at #TweetYourShabbat

Like a Prayer: ‘The Daily’ podcast helps me get through the day

I listen to The Daily while I’m having coffee, making the bed, taking a walk, between errands. It’s a kind of meditative interval.

The Schmooze

‘Very nice:’ Kazakhstan is using Borat’s signature catchphrase to seduce tourists

Sacha Baron Cohen has not done well by the nation he chose for his most iconic character’s home.

The Schmooze

Jeff Goldblum and the ‘Saturday Night Seder’ crew really want young Jews to vote

Hosted by Young Jewish Americans for Joe Biden, the rally followed the tried and true philosophy of throwing it all out there and seeing what sticks.


Warm and comforting Pumpkin Soup for Shabbat

My three-year-old daughter generally twirls through life. She can’t see a dog without petting it. She can’t see a puddle without jumping in it. We went hiking and she tried to take all the rocks home with her. Recently, she has become somewhat obsessed with pumpkins.

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