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The Schmooze

Larry David loves fashion, just not at New York Fashion Week

A video of Larry David plugging his ears and looking miserable at NYFW is going viral. But the comedian is actually a fashion icon.


A fresh fig salad for any fall meal

When the High Holidays roll around, so do fresh figs. This salad, which takes about five minutes to make, balances the fruit’s peak soft sweetness with the slightly bitter crunch of walnuts and a burst of fresh mint. I sometimes add pomegranate seeds, which only improves things. Our friend Julie Drucker served this salad to us at a Sukkot dinner many years ago, and now it’s one of our standard Sukkot dishes. It also works as a kind of fresh salsa on top of grilled fish or eggplant.


Apples and Honey Chicken for the holiday you forgot about

An easy, one pan meal for that post-Rosh Hashanah Shabbat.


End-of-Summer Tomatoes for Yom Kippur Breakfast

Looking back on the year, the thing I’m most proud of is the garden I began from seed last spring and nurtured into a thriving, mature organism.

My mentor’s negative reference cost me a prospective job. Should I confront her?

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