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Kosher Supermarket Owner Mourns His Wife: ‘I Have To Do It All Without You’

On a Jersey City street, a crowd of men dressed in black hats and coats stand on the sidewalk and flood out into the street. A white bus stamped with “Chaverim of Rockaway” flanks the crowd. Speakers tower over them, projecting a tremulous voice.

That voice belongs to Moishe Ferencz, the husband of Mindy Ferencz, 32, who was one of six people killed in a shooting that ended at the couple’s kosher supermarket. This was the scene of his wife’s funeral.

“You gave me everything I ever wanted,” he said in Yiddish, sobbing and gripping the podium, leaning on it like a walker. “And now, I have to do it all without you.”

Moishe opened JC Kosher Supermarket on Martin Luther King Drive in 2017, the sole incorporator and the only member of the board of directors, according to filings with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. He and his wife moved from Brooklyn searching for more financial stability and space for their three children.

Moishe and Mindy Ferencz ran a successful business together, putting out hot kugel and cholent for their customers each Thursday and selling at least five different varieties of yogurt.

But on Tuesday, Moishe stepped out for a moment to bring some cake to the synagogue, his mother told the Daily News. Mindy filled in behind the counter, only to be ambushed by two gunmen who were out to kill Jews.

“I feel sorry for my son,” Moishe’s mother, Victoria, told the New York Times. “She’s going to heaven, but he and his children will have it hard.”

At last night’s funeral, Moishe Ferencz expressed regret for ever including her in the operations at the market.

“When I asked you to help out you were ready,” he said. “And perhaps if I had never asked, then you’d…”

He was unable to talk through his tears.

The store was a gathering place where customers came to talk politics. Children came by in masks and princess crowns to collect Halloween sweets from Moishe, who handed out individual pieces of candy from a clear Tupperware container.

During his eulogy, Moishe said his wife told him to get more rest, but she herself never slept for how busy she was taking care of the family.

And yesterday, when Moishe’s young daughter asked to see her mother, he was forced to explain.

“She’s gone. But my children, my treasures, the Lord always said ‘Mommy will take care of it. Mommy will get it done,’” he said. “Now, children, God has said ‘No children, Daddy is going to take care of you alone.”

Jordan Kutzik contributed reporting and Yiddish translation.

Molly Boigon is the investigative reporter at the Forward. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter @MollyBoigon

Jersey City Kosher Grocery Store Owner Eulogizes Wife


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Kosher Supermarket Owner Mourns His Wife: ‘I Have To Do It All Without You’

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