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World Zionist Congress elections: Kol Yisrael

The Forward invited the 15 parties contending for the World Zionist Congress elections, which end March 11, to write an article about why readers should support them. Eight responded by our deadline (we’ll happily publish the others; contact The parties are presented in alphabetical order.

The American delegates to the Congress help allocate nearly $5 billion to Jewish organizations and programs in Israel and around the world. Read more about the election process here.

Below is an op-ed provided by Kol Yisrael

Do you believe the Zionist movement can do more to empower youth in your community to support Israel and fight antisemitism?

Do you believe more Jewish communities should have a voice in the Zionist movement?

Do you believe great new Zionist ideas and projects should receive the funding and support they need to become a reality?

With your help, we can make all of this happen.

The World Zionist Congress was founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897. Today, the WZC elects the leadership of major Jewish institutions that will allocate $5 billion around the world over the next 5 years.

If you want to see these vast resources have a real impact on your life and your community, vote for Kol Yisrael (Slate #14) in the 2020 WZC Elections.

As anti-Semitism rises and well-funded groups work to demonize Israel on campuses and beyond, engagement with Israel is waning in some Jewish communities due to lack of information and inspiration. Sadly, we can no longer take for granted the unshakable bond between America and Israel. We can’t expect the next generation of Jews to stand up proudly to defend our values if we don’t give them meaningful opportunities to connect and feel Israel’s direct relevance in their lives.

We are in a race against time, and now is the time to take serious action. Now is the time to fight against the apathy that is draining the vitality of our people. Now is the time to prioritize creating a rejuvenated, dynamic, inclusive Zionist movement. Now is the time to unite across all of our differences to fight antisemitism.

Kol Yisrael is a diverse, non-partisan slate led by StandWithUs and The Israeli American Council (IAC), the fastest-growing Zionist organizations in the world. The slate also includes leaders from many dynamic Zionist organizations like AEPi, The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, Council of Young Jewish Presidents, Strength to Strength, and Migdal Ohr, along with independent activists who do amazing work for Israel and the Jewish people every single day.

Elect Kol Yisrael to represent you in the WZC, and we will fight for increased investment in educational programs, summer camps, social media, and other efforts to deepen the bonds between Jews in America and Israel. Our members already dedicate their lives to inspiring young American Jews to connect with their ancestral home, engage with their peers in Israel, and fight antisemitism. Imagine what we could do together in your community, with more resources from the Zionist movement.

As a dynamic new slate, Kol Yisrael is committed to bringing in Jews from many backgrounds and cultivating bold, new Zionist ideas. We must engage more Jewish communities in the American Zionist Movement and bring Israel’s spirit of innovation back to the Zionist world. We will fight for infrastructure that will provide funding, mentorship, and support for exciting, new Zionist projects.

The future of our people is on the line, and $5 billion can make a huge impact.

Vote Kol Yisrael, slate # 14, and let’s revitalize Zionism and put those resources to work for all of us.

Roz Rothstein, Esther Renzer & Sarri Singer

View the slates


Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA)


Israel Shelanu

Kol Yisrael


Orthodox Israel Coalition

Zionist Organization of America

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World Zionist Congress elections: Kol Yisrael

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World Zionist Congress elections: Kol Yisrael

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