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What Should We Call Gary Shteyngart's Next Book?

Gary Shteyngart from Jewish Daily Forward on Vimeo.

Calling Gary Shteyngart fans! This is your chance to leave your imprint on American Russian Jewish literature.

The author just celebrated a big success with his latest memoir “Little Failure,” which won him a Top 5 spot in this year’s Forward 50 list.

But this is also a great moment to speculate about Shteyngart’s next book. At the end of our Forward 50 video interview the author requests input from our audience “Let the Forward readers decide on a title in a communal way.”

So far, his pattern has been one book every four years: “The Russian Debutante’s Handbook” (2002), “Absurdistan” (2006), “Super Sad Love Story” (2010), “Little Failure.” (2014).

Based on that pace Shteyngart’s next book will be out by 2018. Here’s a vague outline “It’s a thriller, there’s gonna be a lot of shooting, no Russian Jewish Nebbish, it’s all gonna be about an attractive young woman.”

What’s the best title for Shteyngart’s next project? Vote here:

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What Should We Call Gary Shteyngart's Next Book?

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