#AskHamas Is a Twitter Disaster — Or Is it?


As an Israeli, I really believe in open and honest dialogue with Palestinians — but an #AskHamas social media campaign isn’t really what I had in mind.

No, it’s not a joke. Hamas has launched an English-language campaign on Twitter, calling on people to tweet questions at the organization. Hamas leaders will livetweet answers. According to Hamas media coordinator Taher al-Nounou : “the campaign is aimed at rejecting the labeling of the Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorists.’”

The campaign has barely even launched, but #AskHamas has already been flooded with — mostly Jewish, but not all! — tongue-in-cheek questions. Hopefully, Hamas has enough social interns to sift through thousands of tweets like these ones:

While Hamas English-language Twitter handle has been mostly silent, it did reply to this tweet by Yair Rosenberg.

One could argue that this whole campaign has backfired. But I’m not so sure. If Hamas is looking to get social media attention, it knows that all attention is good attention — and it definitely has gained that.

The first official #AskHamas session starts today, at 1 PM EST. Let’s see how they dig themselves out of this tun… hole. (sorry, I must have been looking at these tweets for too long):

What would you tweet at #AskHamas?

#AskHamas Is a Twitter Disaster — Or Is it?

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#AskHamas Is a Twitter Disaster — Or Is it?

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