Stop Everything! There's a 'Bernie Bae' Music Video

Just when you thought Bernie Sanders couldn’t get any more popular, now there’s a music video elevating the Democratic-Socialist zaidy’s cool factor called “Bernie Bae.”

, the media executive behind the 2008 music video “Crush on Obama” and “Still Got a Crush on Obama” has felt the Bern and just released the ode to Sanders featuring original lyrics and melody.

Bae, Internet speak for baby or sweetie, is an acronym of “before anyone else.” For example, in a sentence, one might say Sanders is not Hillary Clinton’s bae.

With less-than-poetic lyrics like “Talk Bernie to me” and “You’re much more than a human Birkenstock,” the song may not be a Grammy contender next year, but Kauffman told Refinery 29 she is inspired by the grassroots movement pushing Sanders’ campaign.

Kauffman, 29, a former entertainment and lifestyle reporter for, wrote the song with a friend during winter storm Jonas and filmed the video in Philadelphia in frigid temperatures. She said she is motivated by Sander’s support of gay rights, civil rights, worker’s rights and women’s rights and the large number of the Senator’s young supporters which “shows that millennials do care about this election and that we are politically alive.”

When feminist icon Gloria Steinem recently criticized young women supporting Sanders over fellow Democratic candidate Clinton as boy-crazy, Kauffman was unfazed. “Let me say that Gloria Steinem is one of my heroes because of her outspokenness. So, it’s not fair for me to turn around and criticize her for voicing her opinion,” she said. “We can’t ignore that gender politics are central to this race. Steinem realized very quickly the absurdity of her remarks and apologized for demeaning women who do not plan to vote for Hillary Clinton. Because ultimately, if there’s something we can all agree on during this election year, it’s that Donald Trump is the worst.”

And if she had to choose between Obama and Sanders today, Kauffman has no doubts, “Obama was the right choice for me in 2008 and 2012. If Obama were running against Sanders today, I would vote Sanders. America is ready to think big again.”

Before you start thinking big, watch the video here:

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Stop Everything! There's a 'Bernie Bae' Music Video

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