Does The Media Really Think Jackie Hoffman Thinks Laura Dern Looted Art From Nazi Victims?

It’s a tale as old as time — or at least as old as Twitter. A famous actress, upon losing a coveted award to another famous actress, accuses her of running a child porn ring and looting art from Nazi victims to detract from the glory of her win.

Jackie Hoffman, the “Feud” actress who loudly screamed “Dammit!” twice after losing the Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series Emmy to Laura Dern on Sunday evening, took to Twitter to let everyone know that, while Laura Dern might be an Emmy winner, she’s also a whole lot of other things too.

Of course, Hoffman has been known to post tweets like “I would be universally understood in a world where everyone is gay” so it was pretty immediately obvious to the reporters over here at the Schmooze that these tweets were nothing more than lighthearted jokes. Some media companies, however, taking very seriously their ethical obligation to hold both the powerful and those looting art from Holocaust survivors accountable for their actions, weren’t so sure:

A quick fact check of Hoffman’s allegations unearthed zero evidence as to Laura Dern’s participation in either of these activities, although we can confirm that she was born to famous parents. I suppose we can’t be sure either way whether Laura Dern is just an actress or if she’s an actress/child porn ring entrepreneur/professional art looter until she publicly denies the charges.

We can also confirm why Jackie Hoffman lost — and no, it’s not because Laura Dern’s performance was “better”:

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

Jackie Hoffman Feuds With The Media Over Laura Dern

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Does The Media Really Think Jackie Hoffman Thinks Laura Dern Looted Art From Nazi Victims?

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