Lea Michele married Zandy Reich this weekend by the Forward

Lea Michele Got Married Under A Luxurious Chuppah

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Lea Michele, the Jewish woman who has captured America’s attention with her commanding presence, exquisite range, and soul of a diva, is officially married.

The “Glee” star wed her partner Zandy Reich at an exquisite ceremony in Northern California, People Magazine reports. In the single photograph of the event that has been released to the public, Michele is resplendent in a bright white gown, clasping a jumbo bouquet of white roses in one hand, and her new husband’s hand in the other. A swirling tulle veil issues from the top of her perfect chignon, and diamond teardrops twinkle below her earlobes. It’s a perfect look for Michele — half understated goddess, half extravagant diva.

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Reich, a Wharton graduate and ex-lacrosse bro fashion executive who runs the clothing line AYR, seems ecstatic just to be holding her hand. As the Forward reported in April 2018 when the couple first became engaged with a ring Reich had personally designed by Leor Yerushalmi, the limited public information about Reich would suggest that he is Jewish. Michele recently said that she and Reich met when seated next to each other at the wedding of her best friend, Stephanie Levinson. As we pointed out at the time, “Zandy=Alenxander. Jewdar rule #7 - play a goyishe sport. He’s a Jew with contacts in diamonds and head of a shmatte business.”

The sole picture of the Michele-Reich nuptials would seem to suggest that the couple had a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding. They are standing under such a towering bower of vines and assorted white flowers that, though your grandparents might not find it familiar, is certainly a hugely expensive chuppah. And though no one in the image is wearing a kippah, there’s another sign just behind the couple. An elegant, pale grey pouch lying on the ground behind them seems likely to contain a recently crushed glass.

We wish the couple all of the happiness, mazal, and “glee” this life can offer. And hey, if you two had a Jewish wedding, would it hurt you to share the details with your loving community?

Jenny Singer is the deputy life/features editor for the Forward. You can reach her at Singer@forward.com or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny


Lea Michele Got Married Under A Luxurious Chuppah

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Lea Michele Got Married Under A Luxurious Chuppah

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