Black Hebrew Israelites

Black Hebrew Israelites are groups of Black African Americans who consider themselves to be descendant of the original Israelite people and lost Jewish Tribes of Israel. Generally speaking, the Black Hebrew groups will follow some of the religious beliefs from both Christianity and Judaism. The majority of the Black Hebrew Israelites are not considered to be Jews by the Jewish community at large or by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. This precludes the Black Hebrew Israelites from the ability to automatically become citizens of Israel. Naturally, this does not include those Black Hebrews that decided to officially convert to Judaism at some point. In an effort to lay claim to the Jewish historical lineage many of the groups choose to call themselves Black Hebrews or Hebrew Israelites even though they are technically not Jews.

Some interesting facts about the Black Hebrew Israelites is that they permit polygamy, forbid birth control, their clergy preform marriage ceremonies and decide if marriage annulments or divorces will be permitted. The Black Hebrew Israelites are also vegans and their dietary laws prevent them from consuming foods like meat, dairy, eggs and sugar. Many of the Black Jewish Hebrews will also take on new Jewish / Hebrew names in an effort to do away with any possibility of having been given and using a slave name.

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