Former Madam Aspires To Be Governor

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NEWS ITEM: Kristin Davis, a former madam, who once served a three-month jail sentence for prostitution, is running for governor of New York. In a recent debate with fellow gubernatorial contenders, including Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, Davis advocated for the legalization of marijuana.

Ambassador of earthy love
This former madam opts for gov:
?The house would suit me perfectly,
?That mansion up in Albany.?

With charm and radiance begirt
At handling men she?s quite expert.
She?s well informed on doing tricks,
A useful tool in politics.

She advocates a liberal creed,
Like legalizing use of weed
She champions same-sex marriage, too ?
Quite libertarian a view!

With legislators, she?d not grouse,
She?d please each legislative house.
(Both houses might indeed refute
The charges made of ill-repute.)

As chief exec of New York state,
With firmness she?d negotiate
Once governor, she?d not relent,
She?d strive for ?Madam President.?

Election Day will soon reveal
If she possesses broad appeal.
Says she; ?I?ve been in past, a slut,
?Now I?ve reformed, like Eliot.*?

*Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in a scandal involving his patronage of prostitutes.

Written by

Stanley Siegelman

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Former Madam Aspires To Be Governor

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