Adam Chanes

Come Heller High Water: The Heller family in pre-war Poland.

When Greenville, South Carolina, Had a Jewish Mayor

This is the incredible story of Max Heller from Austria, and how dancing with an American woman in Vienna’s Stadtpark led him to become the mayor of South Carolina’s sixth largest city.

10 Things About Jewish New Jersey

The Garden State was home to Philip Roth and Frank Lautenberg and has afforded Jews tolerance since 1665.

Circumcision Gas Station Mural Sparks Protests in Cleveland

A coalition of Cleveland Jewish leaders are protesting a graphic mural painted on a gas station wall that depicts a rabbi performing a controversial circumcision ritual.

March of the Living Exploits — Like 9/11 Museum

High school student Adam Chanes chose not to go on March of the Living for the same reason many now criticize the new 9/11 Memorial Museum: it’s just too exploitative.

Chatting with Herring Young Gun Jacob Frommer

Jacob Frommer loves everything herring. But he’s far from your quintessential old man at kiddush. He’s a 26-year-old herring expert.