Anthony Weiss

Los Angeles Synagogue Houses Mosque and Church Too

On the first floor of the Pico Union Project, Muslims ready the historic Jewish sanctuary for prayers, placing an open copy of the Koran in the just-vacated Holy Ark.

Meet Ruth Porat, Google’s New CFO

The Morgan Stanley executive headed for Silicon Valley to become Google’s new CFO is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and a sabra.

Ruth Porat

Meet Ruth Porat, Google's New Jewish CFO

To the business press, the symbolism of Ruth Porat’s move from her position as chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley to her newly announced perch as Google’s CFO of the future couldn’t be more obvious — it represents a shift in power from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Hillel's Eric Fingerhut Under Fire for Shunning J Street — From Inside the Organization

Hillel President Eric Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from the upcoming J Street conference has again drawn Hillel into conflict over the boundaries of acceptable criticism of Israel.

Jason Isaacs stars in “Dig,” the set-in-Israel show that recently premiered.

'Dig' Is Too Shallow by Far

During the Gaza war, rocket fire forced NBC Universal’s “Dig” to stop production in Jerusalem and move out of the country. If only the show itself were half that dramatic.

Oregon Couple to Brew Kosher Kegs

Welcome to Leikam Brewing, soon to become a certified kosher, community-supported nano brewery — perhaps the only one in the country, according to the Brewers Association.

Johanna Borkan, pictured here, found the Jewish community she sought in Portland by partnering with Yael Podebski to create Havdallah Yoga.

Portland Finds Trendy New Jewish World in the East

Until recently, Jo Borkan was thinking about leaving Portland. Now she is part of a Jewish revival on the city’s trendy east side.

Gary Shteyngart's Love-Hate Relationship With (Russian) TV

Novelist Gary Shteyngart has made his reputation with wry explorations of ambivalent, conflicted, often frustrated love. Now he is launching into a new affair with television, and it seems that he’s carrying a full freight of mixed emotions.

Nick Kroll's Ode to L.A. Delis

Comedian Nick Kroll, host of the eponymous Kroll Show, recently aired a heavy-metal ditty in homage to the pleasures of rocking it late-night in LA’s delis:

For 'Aya,' From Israel to the Oscars

The idea for ‘Aya’ began with a daydream: What if you were waiting for someone at the airport and instead you picked up a total stranger? What then?