Batya Ungar-Sargon

Turning Rape and Bulimia Into Comedy

From ‘Meet My Rapist’ to the ‘The Skinny,’ comedian Jessie Kahnweiler uses comedy as a way to work through difficult issues and call attention to privilege and injustice.

Can Yoga Fix the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Long popular among Israelis, yoga is gaining ground among Palestinians seeking inner peace in a land marred by war. But can it actually ‘empower’ them?

10 Women's Voices We Want To Hear More From

2014 was especially noteworthy for the plethora of strong female voices speaking out on a number of crucial subjects. Here are some of the writers we’re looking most forward to continuing to read.

The DNA of Jewish America: Adam Kirsch sees himself as a Jewish intellectual rather than an intellectual Jew.

A Work of Heartbreaking Genius and Erudition

In his new book, ‘Rocket and Lightship: Essays on Literature and Ideas,’ critic and atheist Adam Kirsch quietly redefines the role of the American Jew.

Open Hillel Meets With Exuberance and Defiance

Hundreds gathered for inaugural conference of Open Hillel — a 2-year-old student group that seeks to opposes Hillel’s pro-Israel strictures. What comes next?

How Long Is Too Long? The 103-year sentence meted out to Nechemya Weberman is designed to send a message to his community. But what message?

Nechemya Weberman's 103-Year Sentence Is Clumsy Slap at Ultra-Orthodox Jews

How long is too long? That’s what many are asking after a judge sentenced Nechemya Weberman 103 years in prison — and prosecutors hailed it as a message to the ultra-Orthodox.

Was Nechemya Weberman on Trial — or Satmars?

Nechemya Weberman was convicted of sexually abusing a Brooklyn Hasidic girl. But was it really the entire Satmar community that was on trial?