Bob Goldfarb

Bob Goldfarb

Bob Goldfarb, the Forward?s Director of Institutional Affairs since 2014, works with the Board of Directors and senior management on governance and policy issues. He has specialized in media management for more than three decades, starting with senior positions at radio stations including KUSC, Los Angeles; KING-FM, Seattle; and KFAC, Los Angeles. In the classical-music industry he was director of U.S. operations at Teldec Records and executive director of the American Composers Alliance. More recently Bob has directed his efforts to Jewish organizations, as the first publisher of Zeek magazine and as president of the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity. After living in Israel for three years Bob joined the Forward in 2011 as marketing director. Bob has reviewed books for Jewish Book World since 2007, and was the producer of the nationally syndicated radio series Music from the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music, hosted by the late Leonard Nimoy. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

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Looking Ahead: At 70, Amos Oz is out with a collection of new short stories, and a just-translated novella.

After Monumental Dreams

Amos Oz last week celebrated his 70th birthday on the heels of the American publication of his latest novella, “Rhyming Life and Death.” Bob Goldfarb, a Jerusalem-based book critic, recently spoke with Oz at the author’s home in the desert city of Arad, Israel about the Jewish state’s prognosis, contemporary crusaders and how his fiction has been received in the Arab world.