Cara Hogan

Hillel BDS Controversy Fails To Overshadow Inspirational Harvard Civil Rights Panel

Dorothy Zellner spoke inspirationally about what led Jews like her to join the civil rights struggle. Will her open support for BDS force changes in Hillel International’s ban on such speakers?

Harvard Hillel Hosts BDS Supporter for Panel in Apparent Break With Policy

Hillel International says it doesn’t allow events with pro-BDS speakers. So why has it endorsed Harvard Hillel’s participation in a civil rights forum with Mideast peace activist Dorothy Zellner?

Angry Voices: Students demand Northeastern University reinstate a pro-Palestinian student group that was suspended for slipping mock eviction notices under classmates? dorm room doors.

Northeastern U. Duel Over Pro-Palestinian Group Mirrors Nationwide Fight

Northeastern U. suspended a pro-Palestinian student group for slipping ‘eviction’ notices under dorm room doors. Did it defend students from harassment — or squelch free speech?