Cheryl Kaplan

Arikha's Art of Rigor and Confrontation

Looking at Avigdor Arikha’s impressive body of work, it’s important to ask why realism fails to frame his art. He objected to using biography to clarify his work.

Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves: But Cnaani leaves the aim of the sisters (Tali Sharon and Karen Or) deliberately enigmatic.

Dangerous Liaisons: Ofri Cnaani’s ‘The Sota Project’

It sounds like a bad joke: “What do you get if you put a kibbutznik in a stable?” The punch line, however, is anything but bad or, for that matter, a joke. For two years, the kibbutznik in question, Ofri Cnaani, has questioned the Talmud through the lens of contemporary art, and the result has transformed a former horse stable into an artistic meditation on adultery in the Talmud.