Dan Williams

Real Threat to Israel Is Iran's Allies — Not Nukes

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thunders against a looming Iranian nuclear deal, his defense chiefs see a more pressing menace from Tehran’s guerrilla allies.

Gaza Report Slams 'Massive and Unprecedented' Attacks on Palestinian Civilians

Israel inflicted “massive and unprecedented harm” to Palestinian civilians in the 2014 Gaza war with indiscriminate fire and lax rules of engagement, a report said on Monday, citing testimony given anonymously by dozens of troops.

The IDF is increasingly worried about the danger of R-rated images like this shared on social media — along with threats to military secrecy.

Israel Military Frets Over Soldiers' Use of Social Media

Israel’s armed forces see a growing threat in instant messaging applications — both to battlefield secrecy and to the privacy of women soldiers.

Red-Faced Israel Pollsters Scramble To Explain Bibi Defeat That Wasn't

Embarrassed at failing to predict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election victory, Israeli pollsters said on Wednesday they were blindsided by reticent rightist voters and may have unwittingly prodded waverers to back the incumbent.

'King Bibi' Reign in Doubt as Israel Votes

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s march towards becoming the longest-serving leader of Israel could be halted on Tuesday in an election that has exposed public fatigue with his stress on national security rather than socio-economic problems.

Benjamin Netanyahu Insists He Gave 'Practical Alternative' on Iran

Pushing back against criticism from U.S. President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday he had presented a practical alternative for an international nuclear agreement being negotiated with Iran.

Was Benjamin Netanyahu Tricked by John Boehner Into Accepting Congress Speech Deal?

A senior Israeli official suggested on Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been misled into thinking an invitation to address the U.S. Congress on Iran next month was fully supported by the Democrats.

Benjamin Netanyahu Rejects Mounting Criticism of Speech to Congress

sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended on Sunday a planned speech to the U.S. Congress about Iran, saying he had a moral obligation to take every opportunity to speak out on an issue that poses a mortal threat to his country.

Israel Bans 3 Islamist Groups From Temple Mount

Israel shut down three local Islamist groups on Monday, accusing them of stoking tensions at a contested shrine in occupied East Jerusalem that has seen increased visits by Jews.

Fatal Error? U.N. peacekeepers clear remains and debris after a 1996 Israeli attack killed more than 100 Lebanese civilians who sought shelter in a U.N. facility.

Naftali Bennett Under Fire for Role in 1996 Lebanon Killings

Naftali Bennett, leader of an ultra-nationalist Israeli party and a potential future defense minister, is in the spotlight over his indirect role in an army shelling attack that killed more than 100 Lebanese civilians nearly two decades ago.