Daniel Treiman

Jonathan Sacks Warns of Religious Freedom Threat in Right-Wing Law Firm Speech

The former British chief rabbi was being honored by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a Washington-based public interest law firm that’s been busy representing clients — such as Hobby Lobby — who say their religious freedoms are being trampled by the government.

Jacob Lew Has No Chance: With the AIPAC conference competing with the Oscars, Jewish politicos will have to choose between watching willowy Natalie Portman grace the red carpet and Jacob Lew explaining the White House?s policy on Israel.

AIPAC vs. the Oscars

Anti-Semites say that Jews control Hollywood. And they say that Jews control Washington. But can we control both at once?

Gold Medalist Charlie White Not Really Jewish

Jewish news outlets ran reports that American gold medal-winning ice dancer Charlie White was Jewish. It appears we were all misinformed.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets AIPAC Backing From Right

New York’s decidedly left-leaning new mayor, Bill de Blasio, was assailed by a group of decidedly left-leaning Jews for a speech in which he pledged his friendship to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Yair Netanyahu's Norwegian Girlfriend

Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli prime minister, is reportedly dating a Norwegian woman. Despite the media hubbub, there is precedent for such dating outside the tribe.

Bill De Blasio Takes Well-Worn Pro-Israel Path

New York City mayors have been outspoken defenders of Israel since its establishment — and of the Zionist cause even before that.

Mayor Bill: The morning after his landslide win, newly minted New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has coffee with his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg.

Did Bill De Blasio Win by 'Meh' Margin With Jews?

Bill De Blasio was elected New York City’s mayor by a landslide. He appears to have won the Jewish vote, too, but with what some might call a ‘meh’ margin.

Breslow Flops, Rosenthal Stars as Cardinals Tie Series

The St. Louis Cardinals tied up the World Series with a 4-2 win over Boston. The save went to Trevor Rosenthal, who happens not to be Jewish.

Bilingual Bard: Stanley Siegelman was ?addicted to versification.?

A Poet Passes: Stanley Siegelman, 87

Stanley Siegelman was never at a loss for words — and they always rhymed. Over the past decade, Stanley, who died of cancer on April 11 at the age of 87, regaled Forward readers with his light verse, first as a contributor to this newspaper’s “Der Yiddish Vinkl” column, more recently with his online “Siegelmania” column and occasionally on our opinion page.

J Street and Main Street: The Israel Lobby We Need

When J Street’s supporters gather in Washington later this month for the dovish Israel advocacy group’s first national conference, they will have no shortage of things to celebrate. In the year and a half since its launch, the self-proclaimed “political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement” has made itself a major player in the Jewish community — and, for many, its enfant terrible. While other dovish Jewish groups have attempted, over the years, to influence America’s Mideast policy debates, none has managed to generate anything comparable to J Street’s potent combination of grassroots enthusiasm, inside-the-Beltway political cachet and media buzz.