Dorri Olds

What’s Eric Fingerhut Doing at a Jerusalem U Event?

Don’t let the name fool you: Jerusalem U isn’t a real university, but a far-right pro-Israel online group. Why did Hillel president Eric Fingerhut agree to speak at their recent event?

Harlem, Self-Help and Hollywood

John Herzfeld wrote and directed the comedy drama, “Reach Me.” It’s about a neurotic widower who writes an anonymous motivational book that becomes a wildfire phenomenon.

Harry Potter Keeps Taking Off His Clothes

Daniel Radcliffe has been shedding his Harry Potter image for awhile now. He talks about the Old Testament and getting buff again on the big screen in his new flick ‘Horns.’

A First in the Jewish World

Rabbi Deborah Waxman has been many firsts. Now she has become the first lesbian woman to lead a Jewish congregational institution.

Filming the Wives of Bali

Filmmaker Robert Lemelson’s ‘Bitter Honey’ is a documentary about polygamy and violence towards women in Bali, Indonesia, where he has been making films for two decades.

When Investigative Reporting Turns Deadly

Peter Landesman’s movie ‘Kill the Messenger’ is about an investigative reporter who was hounded to suicide. It’s a situation that Landesman understands from experience.

Forging Art for Fun and Philanthropy

Why would an art forger donate his works to museums — posing as a priest? Here is Mark Landis’ incredible story.