Edmon J. Rodman

On MLK Day, Recalling My Brush With KKK

Jewish mathematician David Sookne vividly recalls the dangerous weeks he spent registering black voters in Alabama in the summer of 1965.

Who Needs Halloween When We've Got Shabbat?

Halloween this year falls on Shabbat. Should we open the door to trick-or-treaters? Or should we be spooked about joining the celebration?

How Do We Celebrate When July 4 Is Shabbat?

The Fourth of July this year falls on a Friday. So can we Americans manage to observe both Independence Day and Shabbat?

After 'Selma,' Asking How Many of Us in 'We Shall Overcome'

With ‘Selma’ playing in theaters, some have asked if Jews really played as key a role in the civil rights movement. One veteran of the struggle remembers when — and offers some answers.

Uncle Sam says ?pay your taxes, it?s in the Talmud.?

Chai Designs For Less

Many of us grew up in homes where there was little or no Jewish art. It seemed kitschy, or people were simply not ready to go wall-to-wall Chagall. Today, however, we are looking with fresh eyes at Jewish art and, when the price is right, schlepping some of it home.

Life on the Kibitz

A book about talking should seem as natural as moving your jaw, especially for a Jewish audience: people who love to comment, question and, yes, complain. Daniel Menaker’s new book, “A Good Talk — The story and Skill of Conversation” (Twelve, 2010, $20), a nicely framed approach to the art of conversation utilizing digression, humor, even impudence, is a useful kibitz on this almost proprietary Jewish subject.

Beyond Best Sellers

Jews are the People of the Book, but it has to be the right book: inspiring, life defining, readable on a plane. Sometimes it’s not even the book everybody else is reading.

Trick or Treyf: Madoff Mask A Hit for Halloween

Ghostly sightings of Bernard Madoff’s plastic punim will be popping up everywhere this Halloween, as costume shops report that Madoff masks are flying off the shelves.