Gila Lyons

Wordsmith: Neil Yerman, 62, has trained some of the only female Torah scribes.

Torah Whisperer: Reflections at Simchat Torah

Neil Yerman likes to recall the oldest Torah he ever restored, which was written on deerskin and came from 17th century Morocco, and the smallest Torah he ever restored — it measured just 7 inches high — which had to be kept small so that it could be hidden during the late 19th-century pogroms in Russia.

Untamed: Gila Lyons at 18, before a year of traveling in the Southwest.

‘Flow It, Show It’: The Spirituality of Hair

Many spiritual and religious traditions view hair as a retainer of one’s vital essence. Gila Lyons, who doesn’t do much to her hair other that run her fingers through it, visits a spiritual hairdresser to recognize the power in her scalp.