Henrik Eger

Watching Porn While Sitting Shiva

When Henrik Eger attended a shiva for the first time, he expected to find a family in mourning. Instead he found young Jews watching porn in the basement.

Irene Backalenick, 89, has been writing reviews of Jewish theater for over half a century.

At 89, the Doyenne of Jewish Theater Reviews

This quickly written e-mail is classic Irene Backalenick, consumed by her search for well-written plays, memorable acting and script-faithful yet thought-provoking directing:

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf collected the belongings of Jewish deportees during the Third Reich and made them part of her Gründerzeit Museum (pictured below). [click for larger view]

Behind The Mask

When Jewish people got deported to labor and concentration camps during the Third Reich, one of Berlin’s most eccentric transvestites — Lothar Berfelde, known as Charlotte von Mahlsdorf — bought or collected up the belongings of Jewish deportees and made them part of his Gründerzeit Museum, which still exists today.