Jacob Berkman

Music Dies for JDub Records

JDub Records discovered Matisyahu, and it introduced American audiences to Israeli hip-hop and punk klezmer. What was behind the celebrated label’s sudden collapse?

Goldman Foundation To Close, Highlighting Challenge of Next Generation Jewish Giving

The news that one of the country’s largest Jewish foundations will close in two years, its assets to be divided among the foundations of its founder’s heirs, is shining a spotlight on a major question in the Jewish philanthropic world: How will Jewish philanthropic giving weather the transfer of assets from one generation to the next?

Many Jewish Non-profits Hail Passage of the Historic Health-Care Legislation

Several Jewish non-profit groups are lauding passage of health care reform legislation, saying it will benefit the community on a number of levels. Other groups, however, are keeping quiet in what some observers and insiders describe as an attempt to keep out of the political crossfire.

Advice: In their new book, Jeffrey Solomon, left, and Charles Bronfman say modern philanthropy involves making choices.

A Self-Help Book for the Aspiring Philanthropist

‘The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets a Business Plan,” the new book penned by billionaire philanthropist Charles Bronfman, and the man who runs his foundation, Jeffrey Solomon, is something of a self-help book for the aspiring philanthropist.

Rabbinical Council: Rabbi Violated Rules by Joining National Prayer Service

The main Modern Orthodox rabbinical association says a prominent member violated its rules by participating in the National Prayer Service

Chabad Grieves for Emissaries Killed in Mumbai

Until confirmation finally came Friday that the Chabad emissaries in Mumbai were among the victims killed in this week’s terrorist attacks in India, Chabad Chasidim and emissaries the world over prayed for the best while fearing for the worst.

In Speech on Race, Obama Rebuts His Pastor’s View on Israel

In a bid to quell growing unease about his relationship with a black preacher known for strident rhetoric, Barack Obama described the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s views on America — including its relationship with Israel — as fundamentally “distorted.”