Jeffrey Salkin

'The Nu Republic' No More

How do you say kaddish for a magazine that is 100 years old? Jeffrey Salkin explains why Jewish readers have special reason to sit shiva after the bloodbath at The New Republic.

Our 'Car Talk' Rebbe in God's Auto Repair Shop

NPR radio host Tom Magliozzi has died — and that’s a distinctly Jewish loss, Jeffrey Salkin writes. ‘Car Talk’ had deep Torah in it.

Bringing Malala Into Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

The story of Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai is inspirational. Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin says we should incorporate her vision for girls education in the bat mitzvah ceremony.

Remember What Bobby Kennedy Died For

Several years ago, I had the unique blessing of sitting on the pulpit of the Ebenezer Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Day. For some reason, I wound up sitting next to Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, the daughter of the late Senator Robert Kennedy, and had the opportunity to exchange a few pleasantries with her.