Jerome A. Chanes

Sure, Jesus Was Son of God. But How Was His Fiction?

Many of us were taught to despise the Christian Scriptures. But one Jewish scholar turned the Gospels into a fascinating read that can teach us a lot about Judaism.

Revolutionary Hero: Before he fell into political irrelevance, Ben-Gurion was a nation builder par excellence.

Anita Shapira Examines the Rise and Fall of David Ben-Gurion

Not another biography of David Ben-Gurion, you might say. Think again: Anita Shapira’s new biography is compact but powerful and timely, Jerome A. Chanes explains.

Sworn In: Chaim Weizmann becomes the first president of modern Israel.

The Only Thing Worth Working For, Worth Fighting For, Worth Dying For

You’d think that Israel’s genesis would be well-trodden terrain. But a new book is the first to explore not only the rift between Jews and Arabs, but also the conflicts within those groups.

Orthodoxy — It's Not What They Want You To Think

The Orthodox world is a confusing place: terms like ‘modern,’ ‘Haredi’ and ‘Hasidic’ don’t mean what they once did. Jerome Chanes provides a surprising new taxonomy.

Maharat Graduation Surprised Me — Twice

It may have been the second time around, but Yeshivat Maharat’s graduation ceremony for Orthodox women still felt surprising — and inspiring — to Jerome Chanes.

When Shall We Three Meet Again? Menachem Begin is flanked by future Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and General Avraham Yoffe in 1969.

Searching For the Soul of Menachem Begin

Israel’s sixth prime minister, Menachem Begin, came to power in 1977 in a political revolution. Biographer Daniel Gordis explores that history and its aftermath.

Give Me Liberty or the Tanakh

In Michael Walzer’s new book, the political philosopher asks a very basic question: How much room can there be for politics when God is the ultimate ruler?

'Portnoy's Prescience

Themes of family ties, Zionism and just plain Jewishness, which come to full flower in Philip Roth’s later masterpieces, are prefigured in ‘Portnoy’s Complaint.’

Life in British Mandate Palestine

‘Out of Palestine’ is a truly fascinating discussion of a period that is still incompletely and insufficiently understood: the last years of the British Mandate in Palestine.

Making Sense of Anti-Semitism

SUMMER BOOKS: Even with all the books out there, the global history of anti-Semitism has not been sufficiently reported. ‘A Convenient Hatred’ fills that void.