Josh Berer

?No Place Like Yemen?: The few remaining Jews in Yemen have little left but themselves and their traditions. Moussa Marhabi, left, and his son, Yousuf Salem Marhabi, rest during a wedding.

Caught in Strife, Yemen’s Jews Cling Fiercely to Their Ancient Heritage

Yahya Yousuf al-Marhabi idly breaks off leaves from a branch of qat and adds them to the walnut-sized ball of pulp puffing up his cheek. As he sits on the carpeted floor of his living room, the television facing him shows Yemeni soldiers loading an artillery shell into a cannon and firing it toward rebel positions in the hills that surround his former home, Sa’ada. When an on-air reporter mentions the name of the rebel leader — the recently killed Abdul Malik al-Houthi — al-Marhabi spits.