Larry Cohler-Esses

Larry Cohler-Esses

Larry Cohler-Esses is assistant managing editor with responsibility for news coverage. He joined the staff in December 2008. Previously, he served as Editor-at-Large for the Jewish Week, an investigative reporter for the New York Daily News, and as a staff writer for the Jewish Week as well as the Washington Jewish Week. Larry has written extensively on the Arab-Jewish relations both in the United States and the Middle East. He received several Laurels Awards from the Columbia Journalism Review, and two New York Press Association awards. Larry Cohler-Esses can be reached at

Bound for Big House: Stanley Cohen, the radical lawyer who has defended Hamas and Osama bin-Laden’s son-in-law, is going to federal prison for having obstructed the IRS.

Stanley Cohen's Radical Detour on the Way to Prison

Radical lawyer Stanley Cohen is heading to prison for tax evasion. So how did he wind up leading a mission to free an American held captive by ISIS?

Harvard Hillel Falsely Accuses the Forward

Harvard Hillel claims that a recent Forward article contained a lie about their activities. One editor tracks down the truth.

Debate Occupation? No Thanks, We're Jewish.

Jewish federations chief Jerry Silverman says the upcoming General Assembly will include no-holds-barred debate. Except about the Israeli occupation, that is.

Icebreaker: Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif met with a group of Congressional leaders this weekend.

Iran Scores Breakthrough Meeting With Lawmakers as Diplomatic Thaw Builds

Iran’s foreign minister met with a delegation of Congress members from both parties for three hours at the home of Iran’s UN Ambassador.

Man of the Moment: Iran?s Hassan Rowhani, who returned from his historic trip to the U.S., appears to be a man who wants to take yes for an answer.

Iran's Hassan Rowhani Wants to Make a Nuclear Deal — Leaving Israel Isolated

Hassan Rowhani is projecting the air of a man ready to seize a nuclear deal on the table. But Israel remains frozen in place, risking greater isolation, Larry Cohler-Esses writes.

Yeshiva Rabbi's Shades of Bigotry

The fear of black violence expressed by YU’s Hershel Schachter is no less deeply racist than the 1970’s fear of black contagion, writes Forward news editor Larry Cohler-Esses.

Shooting Probe: Police investigate the aftermath of deadly shooting outside Empire State Building in Manhattan.

Empire State Shooter Worked at Jewish-Owned Company

FORWARD EXCLUSIVE: The Empire State Building gunman was a disgruntled ex-employee. The company’s Syrian Jewish owner sat in shock for hours after the tragedy.

Mousa Abu Marzook

Hamas Wouldn’t Honor a Treaty, Top Leader Says

FORWARD EXCLUSIVE: Mousa Abu Marzook, a top Hamas official, in his first interview with a Jewish publication, spoke about Israel relations, the Hamas Charter and the Arab Spring.