Linda Kriger

Don?t Tell Anyone: Jonathan Vatner, pictured at age 29, was diagnosed with Crohn?s at 13. His parents told him not to tell others.

IBD Patients Reveal Their Lonely Childhood Stories

Growing up can be hard. But try sharing with a friend your most intimate problem: that you live with a disease ravaging your waste disposal system.

Gut Wrenching Story: One Woman's Struggle With Ulcerative Colitis

When we speak of our gastrointestinal tract, which we rarely do, we often resort to euphemisms. One writer shares the tale of her unfriendly relationship with the toilet.

Cooking Buddies: ?Five Friends? tackles the problems men face when having non-sexual, intimate relationships. In this scene, producer Hank Mandel (right) cooks with his friend Charlie Negaro.

When Guys Are Good Friends, It's Complicated

A few months ago, my husband, Jake, and his best friend were walking along the river in Philadelphia, deep in conversation. The friend had his hand on Jake’s shoulder. A car suddenly stopped. A group of teenagers yelled out, “FAGGOTS!” and screeched away.

Lending a Little Help to a Big Problem

Philadelphia’s Germantown Jewish Center is one of 65 synagogues providing temporary shelter to the homeless under a nationwide program.

Working the Land: JFS Director Nati Passow (blue shirt) shows students how to work on a cob oven at Oz Farm in Mendocino County, Calif., in 2008.

Jewish Farm School Gains Traction Among College Students

Rather than jet to tropical party capitals for spring break, about 105 Jewish college students are choosing to do something a little different during their time off.

Open Arms: Linda Kriger, third from right, and her son and husband, far right, open their house to a family seeking help for 10-month-old Joaquin, who has Down Syndrome.

They Have Room to Spare for Those on Hospital Visits

I first encountered Hosts for Hospitals last year when a volunteer for the group promoted the program at my synagogue, the Germantown Jewish Centre, in Philadelphia.

Musing on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is bittersweet. During my childhood, I would get insanely excited about finding just the right gift and buying the most gushing card. As an angst-ridden adult, I dreaded the day and balked at sending a card to my estranged mother. It seemed too hypocritical to send one of those loving messages to someone with whom all communication had broken down.

New Beginning: The author, surrounded by her two young sons and three stepchildren, stands beside her husband at their 2002 wedding.

Getting Past the Past

Linda Kriger discusses the challenges and triumphs of making a blended family into a unified family. Learn how she gets her eldest step-daughter to look her in the eye, in this personal essay.

Mobile Classroom: An educator and a student aboard the Topsy-Turvy Bus, participating in the Teva Learning Center?s Jewish environmental program.

Blessing of the Sun: A Teachable Moment

Once a generation, every 28 years, Jews recite the Blessing of the Sun, the same prayer that is said upon seeing majestic mountains, seas, rivers and deserts: “Blessed are you, our God, King of the Universe, who effects the work of creation.” This is the moment that Jewish tradition says the sun returns to the original spot in the cosmos as when it was created on the fourth day.

Spiritual Path

My husband’s first gift when we began dating was a slim volume of Abraham Joshua Heschel’s classic work “The Sabbath.” It was his way of saying, “Welcome to my world.”