Lucy Cohen Blatter

Deli Shabbats Are Popping Up in Red Hook

A year after Mile End Deli’s Brooklyn kitchen was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, it is up and running — and holding shabbat pop-up dinners.

Kosher Grub for the Super Bowl

Whether you love the game or just watch for the commercials, this Sunday is really all about the food. And here’s where you can have it kosher.

Introducing the Cr'nish!

Cronut fever has swept New York City (and the globe), but the Cr’nish, a croissant-knish hybrid may give that croissant-doughnut hybrid a run for its money.

New York Faces a Knish Crisis

Bad news for fried knish lovers: New York is in the midst of a shortage after Gabila’s suffered a small fire at its Long Island Factory.

Reserve Cut Kosher Steakhouse To Open by Wall Street

If you don’t live in New York, pack your bags and get on a plane. The fall is shaping up to be a very tasty one for hungry kosher diners — especially those craving a steak.

Old School: Ratners dairy restaurant was a staple of the New York Jewish scene for nearly 100 years.

The Next Generation of Ratner's Comes to Brooklyn

When he opens Peck’s Specialty Foods in Brooklyn this fall, Theo Peck will be continuing a family tradition that started over 100 years ago.

Shalom Japan: A Jewish-Japanese Love Story

Jewish and Japanese food might not be the most obvious pairing. But a New York couple thinks the disparate cuisines will complement one another — just like them.

In Virginia, It's Out With Tobacco in With Hummus

Virginia’s tobacco-farming country may soon be known as hummus country, thanks to Sabra Dipping Company which is paying tobacco farms to grow chickpeas.