Michelle Sieff

Challenging Arendt: Deborah Lipstadt, the author of ?The Eichmann Trial.?

Arendt on Trial

With her new book, “The Eichmann Trial,” historian Deborah Lipstadt attempts to refute the main arguments Hannah Arendt makes in “Eichmann in Jerusalem.”

What They Want: Gazans, including some dressed as suicide bombers, burned a mock coffin covered in an Israeli flag in December 2009.

Don’t Take Hamas’s Goals Out of the Equation

Why do the debates over the morality of Israel’s responses to Hamas never seem to produce a consensus? A debate broke out last year after Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, and another after the publication of the Goldstone Report. Recently we have found ourselves in the midst of yet another debate in the wake of Israel’s botched raid on the Free Gaza flotilla, this time about the justice of Israel’s blockade.