Moshe Dann

Why Is Jonathan Pollard Still in Jail?

Why is Jonathan Pollard still behind bars? A growing chorus of former intelligence officers and prosecutors argue the convicted spy has served enough time.

Planting Tomatoes on a Hilltop Overlooking Shechem

‘Let’s make a garden,” my 22-year-old daughter Ayelet suggested during my weekly visit to their little home in Yitzhar, a Jewish community near the ancient city of Shechem, or Nablus as it’s called today.

A Seed Is Planted in the Land of Israel

Recently, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend of several years stood in the doorway of my study and announced their engagement. “Abba,” said my 19 year old, hardly able to contain herself, “we decided on a date.”Tehila works in the children’s ward at Tel Hashomer Hospital. She’s there fulfilling her National Service, which she

The Struggle To Reinvigorate The Zionist Ethos

As the Israeli government moves to eliminate the Jewish presence in Gaza and in four settlements in northern Shomron, opponents of its plan would do well to keep things in perspective. The battle is not over homes and hothouses; it is over the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters. Even if we lose the battle for Gush Katif, we will not have