Ofer Aderet (Haaretz)

Fight Over Real-Life Schindler's List Rages in Court

The estate of Oskar Schindler’s shunned widow is fighting Yad Vashem for a suitcase filled with documents. The trove includes his famed list of Jews to be saved from the Nazis.

The Nazi Commandments for Pure Aryan Society

German women were at the heart of the Nazi ideology. After all, she was seen as the gatekeeper to keeping the Aryan race pure, as a shocking new exhibit details.

European Jews Fight Polish Kosher Slaughter Ban

Major European Jewish organizations have started to fight the ban on kosher slaughter in Poland, after the country’s parliament decided last week to leave intact the prohibition on killing animals for meat without first stunning them, which affects both Jewish and Muslim religious slaughter.

Did John F. Kennedy Admire Adolf Hitler?

John F. Kennedy admired Hitler as a young man and felt fascism was right for Germany, according to a new book in German that mines the future president’s diaries.

Composer Richard Wagner Turns 200, Still Dogged by Hatred in Beautiful Music

He was a brilliant composer, a confirmed anti-Semite and an undeniably significant influence on the history of music. And today, he would have been 200 years old.

Opening Day: The first visitors got to see the Polish Museum of Jewish History, which opened as Warsaw marked the 70th anniversary of the Ghetto Uprising.

Hundreds Flock to Warsaw Museum on First Day

Hundreds of people, including many journalists and foreign tourists, waited in long lines and filled the square outside the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which opened Sautrday for the first time.

Portions of Dr. Mengele's Journal To Be Auctioned Off

More than 4,000 pages of journal entries and other material written by Dr. Josef Mengele are to go under the hammer Thursday at an American auction house.