Rachel S. Harris

Fiction and Farce: Democracy at the MLA

At the Modern Language Association Assembly delegates voted to chastise israel but not boycott its academics. Sadly, the farcical atmosphere made it impossible to take the debating process seriously.

?It Impacts People?: Professors and scholars are debating the boycott of Israel at the MLA.

MLA Panel Is High On Emotion, Low On Facts

At a Modern Language Association talk on the academic boycott of Israel, panelists gave little weight to arguments and facts, deciding instead to appeal to scholars’ emotions.

A HYPERMODERN TAPESTRY: Clockwise from top left: Amir Or, Mordechai Geldman, Tamir Greenberg, Maya Bejerano and Agi Mishol.

Poetry for a Time Gone Mad

The second half of the 20th century saw a boom in Hebrew poetry unlike anything since the Golden Age of Spain 1,000 years earlier. Using their evolving vernacular, Israeli poets synthesized the literary traditions of the past with rich new waves of English and American poetry. In doing so, they created a poetic world that sings out louder and more poignantly than a news broadcast ever could. At a time of yet more violence and political turmoil in Israel, poetry offers a perspective on the human condition.