Rich Cohen

First Monster of the Midway: Before he joined the Chicago Bears, Sid Luckman was a star at Erasmus Hall High School, then at Columbia University.

Who's To Blame For the State of Today's NFL? Try Sid Luckman

The current NFL season demonstrates the great flaw of pro football: The quarterback has become too important. How did this happen? It all goes back to Sid Luckman.

Man Wonder: Chabon still writes of his boyhood obsessions.

‘Telegraph Avenue’ of Broken Dreams

Michael Chabon’s new novel, ‘Telegraph Avenue,’ is about far more than its plot. The real subject is language and style, in which Chabon proves equal to any master.

Avenger: After the Holocaust, Jewish partisan leader Abba Kovner sought vengeance.

Survival Is the Sweetest Revenge

When I was 10, my father recommended a movie called “Where Eagles Dare,” the story of a few Allied soldiers who go behind enemy lines during World War II and wreak incredible havoc. When I asked if it was any good, my father just gave me a look. “Four guys kill like a thousand Nazis,” he said. “It’s one of the best movies ever made.”