Sarah Breger

Sarah Breger

Sarah Breger is the editor of the Sisterhood blog. She can be reached at, or follow her on Twitter at @sbreger.

Watch One Woman's Response to Unequal Pay

On Equal Pay Day, Watch This Video Explaining the Wage Gap.

Stav Shaffir's 'Politics of Happiness'

Stav Shaffir, who at 29 is the youngest member of Knesset, and her “politics of happiness” gave the J Street conference attendees something to believe in.

Monica Lewinsky Finds Her Voice

Once a national punchline, Monica Lewinsky is taking back her narrative and advocating against cyber-bulliyng. Here’s why we should be supporting her.

Bring Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Your Seder

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg released a feminist reading of the Exodus story to be read at the Seder.

The History of Jewish Feminism in 3 Minutes

A new animated video depicts the shifts in Jewish feminist consciousness from Miriam the Prophet to modern-day Tweeters. No way could they leave out Gloria Steinem.

WATCH: Postpartum: The Musical

HelloFlo is back. The company that perviously gave us “Camp Gyno” is back with a new video ad, this time about the horrors of new motherhood.

Bulimia Comedy Conquers TV's Last Taboo

Are eating disorders the last taboo on TV? L.A. comedian Jessie Kahnweiler thinks so — and she’s setting out to change that with ‘The Skinny.’

Sara Netanyahu's Jackie O Moment

Sara Netanyahu channels Jackie Kennedy Onassis and takes the Israeli public on a (virtual) tour of the prime minister’s residence.

Rabbi Lisa Gelber

'Who Wants to Sit and Watch Without a Voice?'

Rabbi Lisa Gelber remembers being the sole girl to lay tefillin in Hebrew school.

Elana Sztokman

'The Lone Feminist Voice'

Elana Sztokman discusses the need for Jewish feminists to speak out in order to find a community.