Sarah Weinman

Opposites Attract: Like her heroine Rebekah Roberts, Julia Dahl (above) has a Jewish mother and a Christian father.

Debut Crime Novel Set in Boro Park Hasidic Community

Julia Dahl’s debut novel tells the story of a Hasidic woman who tries to leave her community and is murdered. But the gripping crime story gets some key details wrong.

An Ancient Libel: The case of Menachem Beilis brings to mind a history of anti-Semitic myths and slurs.

Menachem Beilis 'Blood Libel' Case Gets a New Hearing

A century later, the case of Menachem Mendel Beilis continues to provoke controversy. Edmund Levin’s new book revisits the tale of anti-Semitism and unjust accusation.

I?d Like To Teach the World To Sing: Stacy Horn?s ?Imperfect Harmony weaves in her own experience with singing in a chorus with historical anecdotes about choral singing.

Stacy Horn Preaches To the Choir

Stacy Horn’s ‘Imperfect Harmony’ brought back memories of singing in churches, which wasn’t easy for one who was told to cover her ears at the sound of Christian music.