Tamar Fox

BRCA1 Women Told To Remove Ovaries

Women with the BRCA1 mutation can reduce their risk of cancer by removing their ovaries. But Tamar Fox writes the media should stop telling women what to do with their bodies.

Pressure for Mastectomies

Implicit in the recent New York Times article about breast cancer in Israel is the message that high risk women should get mastectomies, writes Tamar Fox.

Yid.Dish: Three Kinds of Shepherd’s Pie (Traditional, Vegetarian, Avant Garde)

Growing up, one of my favorite foods was my mom’s Shepherd’s Pie. It was a great comfort food, perfect for a blustery fall day, or a Shabbat dinner in February.

Yid.Dish: Crème Brulee French Toast and Best Bran Muffins Ever

It’s Sunday morning at 9:30 and my family has already been up for hours which, yes, I find somewhat disturbing, and means, among other things, that this might be a good time to make a real breakfast, instead of just to-each-his-own bowls of cereal or a quick French toast.

Yid.Dish: Spinach, Beets, and Goat Cheese Salad

Little known fact: I was actually on the Food Network once. The show was an Al Roker on the Road special about food clubs, and I was featured in a segment about a group called Girl Friday in Iowa City. Unfortunately, the episode aired on the first night of Pesach in 2004, so I’ve never seen it.

Yid.Dish: Rockin’ Ratatouille

I started making the ratatouille because I didn’t want any of our veggies to go to waste, but as far as I’m concerned the best thing about the dish is that it’s really filling, and makes an amazing alternative main course for vegetarians when everyone else is eating meat.

Yid.Dish: Black Eyed Pea Salad

This one I got from my ex’s mom. She didn’t like that I was dating her son, but she really didn’t like that I had never cooked with black eyed peas, so she taught me this recipe, and it pleases guests long after I split with her little boy.