Todd Gitlin

War and War and Peace: Daša Drndić is the author of “Trieste”, which is now available in an English translation.

Fiction Meets Reality in Croatian Novel About Nazi's Son

In ?Trieste,? a darkly hypnotic World War II novel about an abducted son, Dasa Drndic combines historical fragments with excerpts of memoirs, poetry and photographs.

Need To See More? Man rides past dead bodies littered along a road on the eastern island of Leyte after Super Typhoon Haiyan swept over the Philippines. How many disasters will it take to rouse Americans to the dangers of climate change?

College Campuses Will Become Climate Change Battleground in 2014

College campuses will become climate change battlegrounds in 2014 as damage to the earth becomes clearer. Boycott Israel? Try shunning the planet-destroyers.

Fifty Years Since the '60s

Even as a small minority, Jews were a driving intellectual force behind the Port Huron Statement, which formed the ideological underpinnings of the ’60s, Todd Gitlin writes.