Yardena Schwartz

The New Kibbutzniks: Wasan Chaorai and Chaiyo Luanjit are Thai citizens who came to Israel in 2011 to work on Kibbutz Ketura.

Foreign Workers Now Teach Jews How To Farm — on the Kibbutz

Say goodbye to the historic image of Zionists getting down in the dirt to cultivate the land. Nowadays, the vast majority of kibbutz farmworkers are foreigners.

Tattoos Reign in Israel — Jewish Law or No

Hamutal Song is never ignored as she walks the streets of Israel with ‘you rock my world’ tattooed on her chest. But she is not as much of a rarity as one might think.

Davening, Israelite-style: Kahtriel Ben Yisrael leads temple members in prayer.

Mixing Reggae and Torah, But Don’t Call Them Jews

A powerful African drumbeat pounded through the small room, as a singer with a Bob Marley-like voice clicked two small wooden sticks to the rhythm of his words. “When I walk, I walk with love,” he crooned in a mesmerizing Jamaican accent. Every one of the 25 African-American men, women and children in the room sang and danced along with him.