Kibbutzes Empty as Gaza Rockets Rain

    The buzz of Israeli drones and non-stop Israeli artillery shells fired into Gaza sounded as his wife bounced their 18-month-old grandson on a trampoline in their front yard.

    Christians United For Israel Urge Congress to Cut Funding to Palestinian Authority

    With sharp jabs at the Obama administration, Christians United for Israel launched its annual Washington rally with appeals to Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran and to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority.

    Rocket From Gaza Strikes Israeli Home in Suburb of Tel Aviv

    A rocket or part of a rocket fired from Gaza scored a direct hit on a house in a suburb of Tel Aviv.

    Israeli Professor Suggests Rape Would Serve as 'Terror Deterrent'

    An Israeli professor at Bar-Ilan University says the only deterrent to potential terrrorists is ‘the knowledge that their sister or mother will be raped.’

    Are European Rabbis Putting Stamp of Approval on Russian Takeover of Crimea?

    Leaders of a prominent Jewish community in Ukraine criticized European rabbis who attended a Kremlin-sponsored Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Crimea.