The Grand Synagogue in Oran, Algeria was converted to a mosque after most Jews left in the 1990s.

    Algeria Plans To Reopen Shuttered Synagogues

    Algeria intends to reopen synagogues that were shuttered in the 1990s for security reasons, an Algerian minister said.

    Palestinian 'Revenge' Attack Victim Was Burnt Alive, Autopsy Shows

    Initial autopsy findings from the body of an East Jerusalem youth who Palestinians believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews showed that he was burned alive, the Palestinian attorney-general is reported as saying.

    Australian Acquitted in Bondi Beach Anti-Semitic Attack

    A Sydney man whom police accused of participating in a brutal anti-Semitic attack last year was acquitted for lack of evidence.

    Grief and Anger: Mourners carry body of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair at his funeral in Jerusalem.

    Angry Palestinian Call for New 'Intifada' at Revenge Victim's Funeral

    Chanting “Intifada, Intifada”, thousands of furious Palestinians called for a new uprising against Israel during the funeral on Friday of a teen they believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews.

    Leap of Faith: A Jewish boy in the Brazil town of Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin was forced to say the Lord’s prayer at his public school.

    Brazil School Forces Jewish Child To Say Lord's Prayer

    A Brazilian man accused a teacher of forcing the man’s Jewish son to recite a Christian prayer at a public school.