Lewis Katz, New Co-owner of Philadelphia Inquirer, Dies in Plane Crash

    Lewis Katz, a new co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, philanthropist and ‘real mensch,’ died in a plane crash in Massachusetts this weekend.

    Israel Approves 'Revolutionary' World Jewry Initiative

    The Israeli cabinet approved the multi-million-dollar “Joint Initiative of the Government of Israel and World Jewry” in Jerusalem today.

    Netanyahu Urges World Not To Recognize Palestinian Unity Government

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against any international rush to recognize a Palestinian government due to be announced under a unity pact between Fatah and Hamas.

    Let My Beard Grow: Jewish groups filed briefs in support of Gregory Holt, a Muslim inmate who says his observance requires him to grow out his beard.

    Orthodox Groups Fight For Muslim Inmate's Beard Length

    A coalition of Orthodox Jewish groups filed friend of the court briefs in two high-profile cases involving religious practice in prisons.

    Strongarm Tactics? IRS official Daniel Wurfel testifies about claims that conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny. Some Jewish groups believe they were also targeted over their ties to Israel.

    Z Street Can Sue IRS, Federal Judge Rules

    A federal judge ruled that a pro-Israel group’s lawsuit may go forward against the IRS for allegedly denying the group tax-exempt status because its positions opposed those of the Obama administration.