Italian Jews File Complaint Against Talk Show For Airing Interview With Fascist Sympathizer

    Italy’s Jewish community is taking legal action against a television talk show for running an interview this week with a right-wing extremist who extolled fascism.

    A fifteen-year-old Palestinian was arrested in 2005 at the entrance to the West Bank city of Nablus after soldiers found an explosive vest in his bag.

    Israeli Troops Arrest Palestinian Man Wearing Explosive Vest in West Bank

    Israeli security forces in the occupied West Bank caught a Palestinian man wearing an explosive belt on Friday, police and the military said, preventing what could have been the first suicide attack in the area for years.

    House Makes Global Cemetery Desecration A Violation of Religious Freedom

    The House adopted legislation that makes the desecration of cemeteries around the world a violation of religious freedom.

    Steve Ballmer's $2B Wins Bidding for Donald Sterling Basketball Team

    Former Microsoft Corp chief executive Steve Ballmer has won the bidding for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers franchise with a $2 billion offer, a source with knowledge of the bidding said on Thursday.

    David Geffen and Oprah Winfrey Bid $1.5B for Donald Sterling's Los Angeles Clippers

    A group that includes billionaire media executive David Geffen, television icon Oprah Winfrey and Oracle Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison bid more than $1.5 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball team, according to a person familiar with the bid.