Stop the Hate: Uganda President Yoweri Museveni supports harsh new anti-gay legislation.

    AJWS Wants U.S. To Recall Envoys Pulled From Gay-Ban Uganda and Nigeria

    The American Jewish World Service called on the Obama administration to pull ambassadors from Uganda and Nigeria because of what it says are escalating anti-gay and other repressive measures by those governments.

    Jews Ask N.Y. Mayor Bill De Blasio To 'Learn Facts About Israel and Palestine'

    A Jewish group has gathered hundreds of signatures for a petition asserting that AIPAC does not represent the interests of many American Jews, weeks after the mayor made controversial remarks that the pro-Israel lobbyist group would always have a friend at City Hall.

    Ramaz Petition on Rashid Khalidi Ban Grows to 150 Signatures

    Students at Ramaz are protesting the school’s decision to prohibit a talk by Rashid Khalidi, a Columbia University professor who has been fiercely critical of Israel.

    Berkeley Hillel Urged To Go 'Open' on Israel by Alumni

    Alumni of UC Berkeley have written an open letter urging Berkeley Hillel to become the latest campus group to join the Open Hillel movement and reject the umbrella group’s pro-Israel guidelines.

    Boycott Israel Prof Judith Butler Invited to Jewish Museum Conference on Franz Kafka

    The Jewish Museum has reportedly invited a controversial critic of Israel to speak at a conference on the work of Franz Kafka in March.